Honeymoon in Orlando

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Postby Jonathan Pendragon » 09/27/12 06:46 AM

West and I were married saturday. We are off to Orlando for our honeymoon and the Bash (I know it's a rotten thing to do to your spouse, make her go to magic convention on her honeymoon, but at least it's not Blackpool)!
Jonathan Pendragon
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Postby mrgoat » 09/27/12 06:53 AM

Hope you had a wonderful day Jonathan!

See ya next week.
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Postby Tom Gilbert » 09/27/12 09:05 AM

Congrats to you and West. See you in Orlando.
Best wishes,
Tom Gilbert
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Postby CraigOusterling » 09/27/12 10:04 AM

Congratulations Jonathan and West!
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Postby Don Hendrix » 09/27/12 11:09 PM

Congratulations! See you next week.
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