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Postby Sam Kesler » 05/09/03 09:23 PM

Will anyone share their thoughts about Mr. Miesel (is he still with us?) and his card magic books, "The Creative Card Magic..." (1980) and "Visionary Card Effects."(?) Intermediate or advanced? Favorite tricks? I have a chance to buy an autographed copy of "Creative" for $25. Thanks to all in advance.
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Postby Mark Tams » 05/10/03 04:44 AM

You should definately buy it. The book has many ideas on classic subjects. Well thought out "stuff". His writing style is very direct. No beating around the bush, just describes the effect and the methodology with no embellishments. You'll enjoy it! :)
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Postby Matthew Field » 05/10/03 07:34 AM

Originally posted by Sam Kesler:
Mr. Miesel (is he still with us?)
Bill Miesel is an amazingly creative card man, and he's very much with us. He publishes the quarterly "Precursor" with Ed Eckl. The publication is subtitled "A magazine of innovation." Issue #86 (or LXXXVI in Precursor-ese) is devoted to gambling demonstrations by Tony Econ.

Precursor is $21 for three issues ($25 abroad) from Ed Eckl, 3 Gregg St., Beverly, MA 01915-2913 and the editorial offices of Mr. Miesel (pronounced as in "measles," by the way) are 2215 Myrtle St., Erie, PA 1650-2643. They don't admit to e-mail.

It is one of my very favorite publications. Hey -- I even had a trick in there a few issues back!

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Postby Steve Hook » 05/10/03 11:07 AM

I still do the Racherbaumer-inspired "Oil and Water" routine from THE CREATIVE CARD MAGIC book (and end it with "Never the Twain Shall Meet" from, what, SPECTACLE?)

As was alluded to, the book is technical, so a bit dry. There are no "Bull" sections or story-addendums. But the illustrations by Marshall Philyaw are excellent and there are a couple of gems hiding in there like abalone on the reef at 35 ft.

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Postby Sam Kesler » 05/10/03 07:22 PM

Thanks for all the great replies, Guys! Glad to hear Mr. Miesel is still very much with us. I ordered the book today, and will check out "Precursor." As usual, the Genii forum comes through! :genii:

p.s. found photos of Ed, Bill, Nick Trost, Willis Kenney and others at 2000 Buffalo get together.
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