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Postby Mike Kamlet » 09/06/12 01:08 PM

IBM Ring 43 presents


Friday September 14th 7:30 PM
St. Francis Hospital - Auditorium
355 Ridge Ave
Evanston IL
Guests $15

Described as the "Cream of the Crop" when it comes to entertainers, Banachek is the world's leading mentalist.

Banachek has written books many books mentalism, such as Psychological Subtleties, and invented a number of magic and mentalism effects, including the Penn & Teller Bullet Catch and the original Buried Alive.

Banachek is also the Director of the James Randi Educational Foundations Million Dollar Challenge.

Without much effort, he fooled scientists at Washington University into believing that his alleged psychic abilities were genuine during the Project Alpha hoax in the early 1980s. He also took part in an investigation with Randi exploring Peter Popoff, which ultimately exposed Popoffs false claims.

Banachek will teach, among many things, updated versions of his famous PK touches. He will demonstrate, hands on, the most realistic-looking metal bending you will ever see and all the great subtleties and secret built-in misdirection behind each move. It will change the way you think about magic and mentalism! Banachek will give you a lifetime worth of material including the main effects in his current show.

At the conclusion of his presentation he will open up for a question-and-answer session with no holds barred. This is what attendees at his lectures most look forward to.

Our lectures are held in the best facility in Chicagoland. The St. Francis auditorium has comfortable, upholstered seating including arm rests and fold-out tables for taking notes. Each row is slightly raked to allow all a great view. PLUS projection on the screen so every seat is a front-row seat.

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Reminder -- This Friday - Banachek

and coming in November - Oscar Munoz
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