David Corsaro lecture for Long Island Mystics Sept 10, 2012

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Postby David Corsaro » 09/04/12 07:01 PM

On Monday Sept 10, 2012, I will be lecturing for the Long Island Mystics


The lecture focuses on restaurant and close-up magic using cards, coins, index cards and cocktail napkins.

In addition to the magic, I will be doing a small portion of my marketing lecture for magicians ("The Business of Awesome") where I give tips and techniques from my 12+ years experience working for one of the top marketing firms in the country on how magicians can effectively market themselves on little to no budget.

Here are some recent reviews:

David's material is so well thought out and complete, that there were several items I would be thrilled to immediately add to my own personal repertoire."-- Daryl

David Corsaro is clever and highly entertaining. His material is made for real people in real conditions. His lecture has something for every audience Boris Wild

Davids trick, Getting to Know You, is one of the most commercial card routines I have seen in a long time. As with Michelle Pfeiffer, I fell I love with it at first sight . Jon Allen

"Just the concept of Davids trick, Can I Call You Sometime is worth the price of his whole DVD." Asi Wind

David Corsaro s effect Mallrats is one of the best interactive ticks I have seen, and successfully eliminates the problems I have with most of these effects. Robin Dawes

"If you buy David's DVD and all you use is the routine 'Can I call you sometime', you will have gotten your money's worth! It was a hit at the 40th annual FFFF convention and with me. Shawn Farquhar

It is a rare occasion when a magician gives away their closely-guarded core routines (both baffling and entertaining) for all to use. David has done so here making his DVD a must buy, real bang-for-your-buck product for any close-up or parlor style performer! Highly recommended! Simon Lovell

SAM #21 in Hartford CT recently said in the July 2012 issue of MUM Magazine, "David Corsaro presented one of the best lectures we have had in years" (and they booked me again in Nov'12 to see the full marketing lecture.)

Check out the website above for times and meeting location

Hope to see you all there

David Corsaro
My new DVD ("Magic of David Corsaro") is available from your favorite dealer www.davidcorsaro.com
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Postby David Schwartz » 09/04/12 08:51 PM

David recently gave me an INCREDIBLE marketing/branding idea after seeing me perform. He's a great magician and has over a decade of experience working for a marketing firm. Go see the lecture, learn some great magic and some great marketing info. You won't be disappointed!
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Postby Eric DeCamps » 09/04/12 10:36 PM

Let me say this, I've seen David Corsaro lecture three times. On Monday night at the Long Island Mystics it will be my fourth. It's terrific lecture and I can't wait to see him again!

If you are anywhere in the area, come on out and join a fun group of S.A.M. members at the Mystics and witness wonderful magician share some great knowledge and experience.

Eric DeCamps
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