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Postby RobertAllen » 08/30/12 01:14 PM

Check out this video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk5xfK0o ... e=youtu.be

I looked up his website and found this:


If he was in California and I could afford it I'd totally hire him :) No, this is not an ad for him, just a nod to a hilariously creative act.
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Postby Don Knox » 08/30/12 05:02 PM

There was a lecture by him that was on the Penguin Magic site a bit ago:


I didn't see it, but your post reminded me. It is still available as a download there.

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Postby CraigOusterling » 08/30/12 05:34 PM

He was in California back in April at Magic Con.

Piff at the Con...


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