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Postby skeptic555 » 08/29/12 05:45 PM

Props to Dittleman on America's Got Talent. Dont know if he will make it to the next round, but I hope so. The dude managed to do what sooooo many others have not - gotten a TON of mileage out of the simplest of tricks, all without a contrived, tear-jerker backstory. Awesome indeed. And I am not being sarcastic.

A peek round one, a magic card box round 2, and the judges are falling over themselves in shock and wonder. With everyone else, they demand BIGGER and BETTER and MORE! With Dittleman, he smiles and fries them with a freaking MAGIC CARD BOX. I note that "magic" is never uttered, and neither is "mentalist." He is a "mindreader" which is in and of itself a fine bit of misdirection.

I hope he gets to the finals - I can see him busting out the invisible deck!

(this really reads sarcastically - not intended! I really love that this guy is rocking it.)
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