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Postby Richard Stokes » 08/25/12 03:44 PM

This new American clown looks interesting. I'll try to catch him when he performs in London next month:

Breathtakingly brilliant clown Doctor Brown wins comedy award (Aug 25th)
In a big year for physical comedy at the Fringe, Doctor Brown has won the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Award.
The American performer, real name Philip Burgers, was the winner of the main prize for his show Befrdfgth, a wordless hour of mime and audience interaction. He is the first silent comedian or almost silent; he says a few nonsense words at one point to win the main prize in the 32-year history of the awards, which began as the Perrier Awards in 1981.
Nica Burns described Doctor Brown as a breathtakingly brilliant clown with enormous charisma in a fantastic show. The Timess review of Doctor Brown praised him for his stunning mix of anarchy and symmetry... the strangest, funniest, most exciting hour Ive spent at the Fringe so far.
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Postby Oddly Bent » 08/25/12 05:32 PM

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Postby Tom Moore » 08/27/12 04:47 AM

[disclosure] I've worked with him a few times [/disclosure]

His silent and physical comedy is BRILLIANT, he's taken traditional ideas and themes but modernised them and made them very acceptable to a modern audience. If you know your clowning you can see the inspiration of the greats and the classical training he's had but he's taken it off in a new direction. I agree that his "sketch comedy" on that video was poor.

He and "boy with tape on his face" are currently driving a renaissance of silent/physical comedy by creating material that's accepted and loved by the hardcore comedy-club going audience. They are the "David Blane's" of the clowning world and it's well worth catching their performances if only to be inspired about how your old ideas can be made in to more moderns pieces
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