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Postby seekerofacaan » 08/25/12 11:20 AM

Hi There,

I Just wanted to give you the heads up about an amazing new release, unlike anything
that has ever been offered to the Mentalism marketplace entitled:

The Mentalists Cook Book - Recipes For Mentalism Success

This package teaches you every Psychological Element (and all the important secrets) of
a complete real world two and a half hour theatre Mentalism Show.

Of course your also shown how to use elements of what you are taught as a 12 to 15 minute
variety act, a 30, 45 or 60 minute act and also a 90 minute performance.

Indeed many of the elements such as the Unique 3 Killer Ending version of ACAAN can also
be used in Close Up Situations as well.

The package contains many of the actual props needed to perform the various routines
including a very novel and entertaining Version of The Chair Test, The 3 Killer ending
ACAAN, A long distance mobile phone telepathy effect and a New Presentation for the
Russian Roulette "Smash and Stab" plot that has left many Magicians and Mentalists
scratching their head wondering "how the hell was that done?"

And that's just a tiny few examples of whats inside this truly unique package full details
of which can be found at

Incidentally on that page you will see Numerous Rave reviews about the Original Routines and
Theatre Show upon which this training package is based from Caf Members such as..

Peter (the perceptionist) Turner - Dr. Rob - Roslyn Walker - Myke Phillips - Carl De Rome

And many others!

There are video demos of several of the routines on the page, along with testimonials about the
show and routines which you will learn from the package from many names you will recognise..

Currently there is a special introductory price on this package, but this is set to rise within
the next week so take a look and secure yours now -
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Postby mrgoat » 08/25/12 12:07 PM

Brilliant. Testimonials from the magic cafe always fills me with nothing but confidence for a product.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/25/12 12:11 PM

Damian, you are becoming predictable!
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Postby mrgoat » 08/25/12 03:54 PM

Richard Kaufman wrote:Damian, you are becoming predictable!

"Damian's snarky comments about people that use testimony from the magic cafe are getting predictable." Glenn

"Although Damian may be predictable in his snark about using the general low level crapness of the magic cafe, he never fails to make me giggle." Glenn

"I love the way Damian mercilessly rips into people who thing that using testimony from the magic cafe is A Good Idea." Glenn

"The magic cafe? They really laughed at me going on about my dad and shuffling all the time." Glenn
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