The "Pass" - redux

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Postby Guest » 10/14/03 04:26 AM

As a relatively new student of card magic (2 years this coming Dec.), and being in the early part of my 2nd 50 years, I'd like to comment on the Pass sleight...... Although I agree with Richard Kaufman - that it is a much belittled slight by those who can't do it, it is truly one of the most essential and practical moves, and it is emminently learnable..... The saving grace is that there are so many versions of it: Steve Draun's "Midnight Pass" which is a variation of the Hermann Pass; Aaron Fisher's "Gravity Pass"; the Spread-Fan Pass - and many many individual variations.....
.....SO - I've learned that when I perform any variation, with the pack and select in my left hand, I simultaneously turn a bit to the left, moving my hands to the left, as pass is performed and I find that the speed of slight itself is not as crucial because it is covered by the greater movement of the body change.....
........ To all who have tried - don't stop trying!! It's the best way to position the selects, and man - what a rush when you discover you're getting the hang of it:) I would recommend Rich Kaufman's Video on the pass as a starting point - and watch it in real slo-mo....... Thanks:))

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