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Postby Trini Montes » 08/15/12 09:41 PM

Hello all, I am excited to announce that Steve Reynolds will be doing an online lecture this Sunday (August 19, 2012) at 6:30 pm (central time zone). It will be hosted on (yes that is my room on tiny chat), where you will be able to watch and learn as well as interact with Steve if you have any questions. The lecture will run for about an hour and a half if not longer. Best of all, its FREE. Yes thats what I said FREE!!! Dont miss out on this awesome event.

PS You do not have to be a member of tinychat to attend.

See you there,
Trini Montes

Trini Montes
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Postby Trini Montes » 08/19/12 04:45 AM

Just a reminder to make sure you attend this free lecture.

How many of you are planning to attend? I am trying to get an estimate of attendees.

Trini Montes
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Postby hgebeaux » 08/19/12 06:52 AM

It keeps asking for a password???
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