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Postby Steve Gore » 08/10/12 05:18 PM

I hope I'm posting in the correct section as I just wanted to let you know about a new effect. It's called "Visions from Vegas" and is a seemingly impossible 3 word prediction that uses a Las Vegas travel guide.

It also has a bonus 4 reveal Vegas postcard with it.

"The method is just as clever as the effect." - Gregory Wilson

"If I did walkabout magic, this would probably be my mental effect of choice" - John Archer

I should mention that I use the phrase "A new method in magic that you'll love", it should really read "Believed to be a new method in magic, that you will love!"
Obviously I've shown it to quite a lot of highly respected names who haven't come across it before, but that doesn't mean that somebody hasn't come up with it before and not published it. Sorry for any ambiguity or confusion.

If anyone wants to see the full performance videos just pm or email me and I will send you a link.

Kind regards
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Postby Steve Gore » 08/15/12 05:38 PM

I've had 2 reviews sent to me which i wanted to share

I received this a few days ago and really like it. It's very clever indeed and yet simple to do. I'm a bit of a book test junkie, yet this one uses a method that is certainly new to me and if someone would have shown this to me "live", I'm certain it would have fooled me.
I think it's also great value considering the huge amount of work that has obviously gone in to this. It's probably the easiest book test I've seen too! No glimpses, memorisation or fishing whatsoever.

Iain Moran.

I ordered this off Steve yesterday and it arrived first thing this morning, great service Steve!
I just wished someone had shown me this, it would have certainly caught me, the method is very clever indeed. Like Iain said, I too have never seen this principle before, it's new to me. This is excellent value for money, Steve has thought of everything and everything is included, the books are very well produced and come with two postcards which can be personalised, and can be used for other effects.
All in all this is superb, I too am a book test junkie and this is one of the easiest I've come across, you can use this either on stage or during your strolling set, no memorisation needed and there's no reset.

Highly recommended!
Gary Jones.
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Postby mrgoat » 08/16/12 05:10 AM

Ads here are really cheap Steve.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/16/12 11:38 AM

For $50 a month you can buy a nice banner ad here to sell your stuff.
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Postby Steve Gore » 08/16/12 12:06 PM

Thanks Richard, I will do some sort of advertising with you, just weighing up which sort to do.

Kind regards
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Postby Steve Gore » 08/29/12 02:50 AM

Thanks Richard my advert is appearring as from 1st Sept!

If anyone wants to see the full performance videos just pm or email me at and I will send you a youtube link.

August orders receive my PDF lecture notes and a spare Vegas postcard for the bonus effect Free.

A few more reviews are here

Steve Cook writes
UK magician, Steve Gore has produced an excellent mental effect called: 'Visions From Vegas'. A book test with a difference - see Steve's own description at the top of the page. It employs a method which I can't recall seeing before in almost 50 years of my performing magic! How often can you say that! The effect is devilish, diabolical and delicious! A beautifully-structured and very subtle piece of chicanery! You'll get a real kick out of this every time you perform it! Get out your wallets, go on, you'll love it! Very highly recommended!
Richard Blackie writes
I received it on Tuesday as you said, and it is a good solid effect. The bonus forces on the postcard add some nice elements to the Vegas theme and the use of the postcard with the book is a nifty method. I shall look forward to using this in the near future.
Daren Rotherham, writes
I received the effect earlier and to say i love it, would be a massive understatement, this is fantastic. The guide books you receive are of great quality and i read through the instructions twice and did the wife test and she was blown away, this is so easy to do so you can focus on the presentation, i will use this for sure, love it!!!!

Kind regards and Best Wishes
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Postby Steve Gore » 09/01/12 04:39 AM

Review just out in this months Magicseen Magazine.

With literally hundreds of book test already on the market was there really need for another? Well.....actually YES! Visions from Vegas is Steve Gores latest creation and Ihave to say, it is excellent!

After asking a series of questions, three words are written down on a business card. Using a postcard from Vegas, a spectator is asked to push the card anywhere between the pages of the Las Vegas travel book (supplied). They then get the choice of the left or right page. Whichever side they choose they note the first word of the page, the longest word they can see, and then using a freely selected number, count to a third word. All three words match your prection, every time.

Using a method that I personally havent seen anywhere before, Visions from Vegas is very easy to perform. There are no peeks, no memory work, no impressions, just a very cleverly thought out principle.

Its clear to see looking at the whole package that Steve has spent a long time thinking about this effect. Everything supplied is produced to a good standard and is well the asking price.

The travel book has been produced at a size that will fit in an inner jacket pocket so its ideal for tablehopping too, unlike a lot of book tests.

As an extra bonus, the Vegas postcard supplied has four revelations built into the design of it. A routine in itself should you want to use it that way.

Having tried Visions from Vegas out several times this week I can say that it gets great reactions.

Highly Recommended.★★★★ Phil Shaw, Magicseen

Whats Hot: New method that is very well though out.
Whats Not: Two books may be needed to be carried, if you wish to hand the book out for a thorough inspection. Not a necessity though.
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Postby Steve Gore » 09/09/12 05:59 AM

Another review.
Mandrake from Talk Magic writes
(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used, 4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
The first phase with the book and postcard, easily a 1 but you still needs the usual people skills with your volunteer. The Bonus phase is a 3, requires some basic sleights, all fully explained but you can use others of your choice if preferred! The final reveal uses a block of Post-It notes.
The first phase with the book and postcard is very straightforward and leaves plenty of room for your individual way of presenting such effects. The Bonus routines really caught my eye, you use your own regular deck of cards scope for using a casino style deck instead of the usual Bikes and the final bit uses a block of Post-It notes (you supply these yourself - try Staples for the right kind) which requires a bit of work beforehand in writing on each sheet but once done is there for all time.

When you open the Jiffy bag, all the props, other than deck of cards and Post-It notes, are included plus an extra book which is, shall we say, more examinable than the first one used and can be switched in if required. There are two post cards so you can customise one if you like, perhaps you might even consider taking one to Las Vegas and posting it to yourself for extra authenticity? No? OK, just thought Id mention it! The quality is really superb, the book is very well produced, fully authentic and certainly in the same league as the travel shop/bookshop Travel guides which cost arms and legs. The information and pictures/graphics contained are superb and actually make for great reading if you have time to spare! Theres a 10 page, full colour A5 sized instruction leaflet which tells you all you need to know but theres also a link to exclusive YT vids which show the full presentation. For further info, email Steve and ask hell be happy to help. Steve also has an alternative book available at a much reduced price, plus he can supply additional items which you may like to use.

Rating: 9 out of 10, no question possibly 9.75 in fact!
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