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Postby Jon Allen » 12/10/02 06:13 AM

Can anyone tell me why Crazy Man's Handcuffs is so called? I believe Arthur Setterington created the effect. I had the honour of lecturing in Hull, including my rubber band trilogy that includes CMH, with him in the audience. I never got around to asking him how the trick got its name.

Just curious.
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Postby pduffie » 12/10/02 06:25 AM

I don't think Arthur Setterington gave it that name, so I doubt he would have known. I assume that Ammar gave it that name. When I edited Profile magazine I wrote to Mr. Setterington asking if would be willing to republish the trick and regain the recognition. He didn't reply, but I don't think recognition is something that concerns him.

A note to any publishers reading this who are short of ideas: A Collected Works of Arthur Setterington would make a tremendous book.

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Postby Richard Morrell » 12/10/02 07:54 AM


That was a fantastic lecture you did, still remember it and use some of the material and was really glad when some of it made it onto your new video! We had Michael Ammar to lecture recently and he too was blown away that Arthur was in the Audience.

Arthur is a great friend to me, and someone who I would consider my mentor and teacher in magic.

As for the CMH the potted history appears in Ammar's introduction in his book. Basically though Daryl gave it the name Crazy Mans Handcuffs.

Arthur originally published his handling in Peter Warlock's Pentagram magazine, although Peter did write it up incorrectly, according to Arthur. Herb Zarrow took Arthurs handling and modified it to the handling I think we all do today.

Someone else (who's name escapes me till I can look in my copy of Ammars book) I think saw this round the Magic Castle and got Lorayne to publish it in Tarbell 7 which is how it got there.

I think Arthurs original handling deserves some recognition, as you can do the penetration with the bands right down the fingers...

Peter, a Collected Works of Arthur Setterington has been an idea on my mind for a while now, just never got round to approaching the subject with Arthur, but its really something I would like to see, and even work on, maybe one half biography, one half 'The best of' routines (quite how you pick from the hundreds he has had published?), maybe someday it will happen!
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Postby Jon Allen » 12/10/02 08:09 AM

One interesting note to CMH. I asked how Arthur came up with the idea for it. He said it came from the old "corks linked and held in the crook of your thumb" which he wanted to do with something everyday.... hence the rubber bands.

It was very strange to have the originator of *such* a classic effect sitting in on my lecture while I was doing the trick HE invented.

"So class, today's special guest in our 'write your own play' excerise is Mr Shakespeare."

I would love to see a Collected Works of Arthur Setterington.
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Postby Pete Biro » 12/10/02 02:06 PM

Funny reminder. Donkey's Years Ago (yeah I speak UK) I was doing an impromptu lecture and had an item I had read about and said, "Here's an item I use that was in print, by (I forget the bloke's name now)" -- and as I finished someone in the audience commented, "Good use of MY IDEA, THANKS FOR THE CRIDIT!" :rolleyes:
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