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Postby Mike McErlain » 07/19/12 12:25 AM

Instructions read:

You tell a story of a Chinese salesmen named Hing-Fong that by mistake once was accused of having stolen some gold coins. Hing-Fong was fated to die and as usual in old times he was beheaded. They put his dead body inside a death-barrel and buried his head somewhere else, because according to an old Chinese legend this action would make him a restless spirit that is cursed to wander on earth for all times.
A few days later when an old and very wise sorcerer came into town it turned out that Hing-Fong indeed had been innocent. So the sorcerer tried to bring the salesmsn back from the dead....

While you tell the story the head of the salesman can be seen traveling around, a billet that has the verdict on it changes mysteriously into something else and finally a small salesmen figure can be seen returning from the dead and jumping (!) out from the barrel (of course with his head back on its body)
Amazing story-telling trick. No sleight of hand needed.
The beautiful props do all the work for you.

As shown:

http://i653.photobucket.com/albums/uu25 ... -00001.jpg

http://i653.photobucket.com/albums/uu25 ... -00002.jpg

http://i653.photobucket.com/albums/uu25 ... -00004.jpg

Comes with complete instructions all stored in a beautiful wooden treasure chest for easy transport and presentation.

Note: instructions are in German, but can be easily translated with google translate.

Condition: new, never used.

Asking $165 ppd to Canada and US.

Paypal only.

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