"Fickle Nickle"

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Postby Guest » 12/27/04 07:09 PM

hey guys! Can anyone show me a site that says an easier way to do the "Fickle Nickle" trick by showing both sides of the hand, closing palm, opening palm, reappear coin? without the drop on soft surface?

Postby Guest » 12/27/04 09:11 PM

I have never heard of dropping on a soft surface. I just do it with my hand a bit away from my body. Play with it looking in a mirror. It does take some practice to get it smooth, but it can be done. Mike

Postby Guest » 12/28/04 02:44 AM

There are variations out there, but John Cornelious' original handling is still great.
There's no "dropping on a surface" of any kind. Are you sure you're talking about fickle nickle?

Postby Guest » 12/28/04 06:36 AM

Yep, i know what i am talking about because someone made a simmilar post in a different forum but he only got replies about clutching on the back of the hand and i can do this but i have seen a vidio on newmagicsecrets which is a pro site with difficult ones and it is done so smoothly that you cannot believe your eyes.
Except on this particular one he actually uses a dice as it makes it look more... ~magic~
'Here is an example of the "Fickle Nickle" trick using a dice instead of a coin. The fact that the dice can roll in your hand when reappearing makes the illusion even more beautiful' - Jean-Denis

Click Here to see what i am talking about.

edit* Oh yes, by the way, if you watch this so carefully that when he opens his hand you can see the die between his Thumb and Index finger. - You are wrong, that is not the die, that is the red book on the bookcase in the background. lol

Postby cataquet » 12/28/04 08:40 AM

Gotta go with Christian on this one. This looks exactly like Cornelius' handling. Also, there is no "drop on soft surface"
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Postby Guest » 12/28/04 01:51 PM

aiaiai. I suppose you guys will know what u mean so im gonna go with what you guys say. K,

Thanks, can you tell me anywhere that i can find out how to do this?
Will John Cornelious say?

Postby pduffie » 12/28/04 02:15 PM

Hi Ness

Yes, John will say, if you send him the money - see here for details:


Best Wishes

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Postby Guest » 01/05/05 08:23 AM


I'm J-D from www.newmagicsecrets.com (the guy with the dice suggestion video).

Ness, there indeed have been some people asking me if the dice was the red book on my bookshelf... hahaha!!

If I would tape this great trick again, I WOULD REMOVE THAT RED BOOK!!

Good luck to everyone learning John's great trick.

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