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Postby Angel Simal » 07/05/12 05:57 AM

Hello folks

Tomorrow I will be going on air in the local radio of my city in Spain. They would like me to do some magic after a short interview.

I would like to ask the community for advise. I have never done this kind of magic before and I have no idea which trick I should do...

thanks for your help!
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Postby Doug Thornton » 07/05/12 06:54 AM

Uh...Tomorrow? When did they call you? Perhaps Juan Tamariz could help you.
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Postby Angel Simal » 07/05/12 08:09 AM

They called me today to confirm the interview and they suggested that I could also do a trick....

I could always say that the goal of the interview is to give publicity to the upcoming magic festival...and if they want to see magic, they just need to go there...hehe (that's my plan B)
Angel Simal
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Postby erdnasephile » 07/05/12 09:03 AM

As Doug was alluding to: Tamariz' book, Por Arte de Verbimagica, may be of use. Max Maven and Jim Steinmeyer have also published routines that would work very nicely in this context. With a little thought, however, there are a number of close-up tricks that you could perform for the host of the show which, if they describe what's going on to the audience, would play very well. The big thing to me though is the brief time to prepare is not your friend--many of those verbal magic routines aren't as easy as they seem since they involve giving the spectators very precise instructions--not a simple task.
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Postby sjrwheeler » 07/05/12 02:49 PM

If you happen to have "A Book In English" by Woody Aragon, then there is a fantastic verbal trick in there. Which you won't be able to master in a short period of time, but you could definitely get good if you practice A LOT!
other than that, look at Verbal Magic by Juan Tamariz.
however... if you don't have either of those books, then it won't be much use for tomorrow, sorry.

do you have any books of self working magic? look at them and see if there are any which would work in the spectators hands entirely, or look for any "over the phone" type tricks...
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Postby Allen Tipton » 07/22/12 10:33 AM

The last time I was interviewed here in the UK, on BBC Radio Nottingham..I simply did Chronlogue (Bob Cassidy) to the Interviewer. On the way out the Car Park attendant, who had been listening on a pcket radio said--'How the hell did you do that trick with a diary'.!!
We had a magician on BBC during my childhood either at the end of World War 2 or thereabouts, who taught the listeners simple tricks over the radio. The series was a long one. His name was Sirdani. And his catch phrase was 'Don't be fright'.
He published these, often just puzzles, in a small book bearing his catch phrase name as the title. I actually have about 3 or 4 of his actual printed scripts. One idea which came, from I think The Great Kovari was to record a message on your answer phone. As 'This is The Great Foolum (your name of course) here. Thank you for calling. The card you selected in the studio was--name the card.In the studio you either get the interviewer to 'select' a card then he rigns up your home phone OR BETTER STILL get anyone in to select a card then the Interviewer phones your home and they hear the answer phone. Allen Tipton UK
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Postby Andrew Pinard » 07/22/12 10:56 AM

Here is a link to one of my performances on the radio in which I perform a piece for the interviewer (and use my answering machine as a part of the performance):

The recording is from 2000...

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Andrew Pinard
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