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Hi, there is this Destiny 2 Ebook by Tommaso Guglielmi and he has many mental magic effects in it, particularly ACAAN and Predictions.


If you visited the link and read through the info. you'll see many effects, i want the method for Beyond ACAAN (in the bonus section)


The magician displays a regular deck of playing cards, and places it on the table.

The first spectator is asked to just 'think' of a card, and the second spectator is called upon to 'mentally' select a number, between 1 and 52.

Without the magician asking any questions, the second participant is instructed to count, face-up, as many cards that will correspond to their 'mentally' selected number.

The Performer asks the first spectator to reveal their 'mentally' thought of card. Do you not believe?, that the last card arrived at is the thought of card

No stooges or instant stooges.
No pre-show.
No force
No dual reality
No math or statistical method.
No mem/stack deck.

Works always.
No outs.
No gaffed or gimmicked cards or external gimmick.
100% hand off.
Very EASY to perform.
Card and Number are only thought of.
No restriction on the number of the audience.

Please provide method

Please and thanks :)
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