Who is your favorite Card man from the past?

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Postby Mr. K » 07/03/12 11:25 AM

Hello everyone I have been working with cards for 2 years now I have so many books from talented magicians. The books I go back to is my favorite magician Nick Trost, He was so clever with his magic. Who would you fallow as much as I fallow Trost??
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Postby Joe Mckay » 07/03/12 01:15 PM

I love Nick Trost's work!

In a similar vein - I think Roy Walton was just as creative. Although with his work - there is alot more sleight of hand involved. Mind - he has some brilliant self working effects as well.

Anyway - I put together a long post expressing some of my thoughts about his work. You may find it of interest...


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Postby Bob Farmer » 07/03/12 02:38 PM


One note: Roy is not in the past, I saw him alive and well in his shop in Glasgow in May.
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Postby sjrwheeler » 07/11/12 05:09 PM

Look into the work of Martin A. Nash - he is fantastic, i've seen performances of him very young and much older, he was much more entertaining in the older performances. His magic is fantastic.
His books are fantastic and full of useful tips, incredible tricks and sleights (i regret never buying Nash Reloaded)

Also check out Alex Elmsley, a complete genius. His books never fail to inspire me. The majority of the effects i've created have been inspired by reading something by Elmsley - I particularly love his "Penelope Principle"

Sadly Martin and Alex are both magicians from the past.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 07/12/12 12:10 PM

Well, it would probably have to be Robert-Houdin and Hofzinser, who are the fathers of modern card magic, particularly Hofzinser.

I also would really like to have seen Dr. Elliott and Nate Leipzig.

And on a personal level, my dream would have been to watch and entire show by Cliff Green.

Alas, none of these things will come to pass, but I've been so fortunate in the people whom I have seen and learned from that it would be churlish to complain! :)
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Postby El Mystico » 07/12/12 12:39 PM

Mr K; there are lots of fabulous magicians from the past. And it is good to sstudfy all of theem. but - you need to ask yourself what sort of card magic do you want to do? What sdort of skills do you want to suggest? An obvious one would be to suggest you could cheat at cards. People like Nash and Ortiz are great examples of that.
But maybe you want to use cards to represent yourself as a mindreader.
Or maybe you want to suggest you can make a pack of cards do anything...
Or maybe you want to use cards as a convenient prop to demonstrate the range of magic effects..


...and then there is the issue of how muxh time you want to put in to learning sleight of hand...
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Postby Loopback » 08/16/12 11:34 PM

Charlie Miller...Oh wait he's a dice man!"
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