Hello everyone. I'm a newbie.

All beginners in magic should address their questions here.

Postby shah » 07/03/12 06:33 AM

Hello. I'm Shah. I'm new to the forum and the art as well. I thought I should drop in and introduce myself.
I'm 18 years old. I study mechanical engineering and computer science engineering at reputed technology insititute in India. I'm not sure if there are any Indian magicians in the forum or Indian magicians at all.

I was interested in magic when I was 15 years old when I saw Siegfried and Roy perform on a DVD my uncle saw. Then exactly after a year I came across sir harry lorayne book at my friend's dad's private library. The book literally amazed me. He even had a paul osbourne illusion blueprint. I asked him to lend it to me, but he was rather bullish. Although I have a flair for all kind of magic, I wish to study stage illusions, and the mechanics of it.

After investigating a little I came to know Magic Castle is the place to be and Genii is the magazine to read, if you really want to hone your skills. I wish to become a member of magic castle after I finish my studies and become a part of the community, although I wonder whether 24 years would be rather too late to study magic. I would greatly appreciate any suggestion and recommendations for learning more about stage illusions and illusion mechanics.
So this is all about me.
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Postby mrgoat » 07/03/12 06:43 AM

Nameste and welcome!
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Postby shah » 07/03/12 06:57 AM

Thank you Mrgoat.
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Postby erdnasephile » 07/03/12 07:21 AM

Hi, Shah--and welcome!

If you wish to study stage illusions, you could do no better than to study the writings of this man: http://www.jimsteinmeyer.com/

Good luck!
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