Moleskine Journal ideas?

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Postby merenkov2 » 06/25/12 10:27 PM

Just curious if there are any other Moleskine journal fans around here, and how you might use them with your magic. They've become so ubiquitous, it would be a shame not to exploit them in some devious fashion. Right now I just carry a 3-card monte set and some extra Loops in the inner pocket of mine. But this object cries for something more, like clever gimmicking with magnets or false compartments and whatnot. Ideas?
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Postby Dan LeFay » 07/07/12 08:01 AM

For what it's worth, I bought the mentalism piece Behaviour Pattern's, from Alan Chitty, about a year ago. I liked the effect and method, but not so much the supplied props.

I decided to make one up for myself and used a moleskine for that. Took me about two days of love and labour. I rather like the result, it looks like a curious personal set of sketches, doodles and numbers normally found in the scattered remains of a paranoid schizofrenic,conspiracy theorist or other colorful eccentric. ;-) And that fits the effect rather well.

After that, I got the idea to turn a moleskine into some sort of mysterious container (like the old bibles, seen in films, that carry a miniature revolver or flask, hidden in some cut out pages).
I can picture to make the moleskine look like some arcane diary, with cut out pieces for (for instance) miniature gypsy curse cards, three silver coins or a haunted key. Could be an interesting way to introduce your little close-up/bizarre magic.

Dan LeFay
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Postby Carl Seiger » 07/07/12 09:16 AM


On page 168 in The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy (an excellent book!) there is an effect called The Moleskine Divination. It uses a Moleskine Journal.

Hope this is helpful!

Carl Seiger
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Postby merenkov2 » 07/19/12 09:52 PM

I love the idea of hollowing out a Moleskine, Dan, it would be a great way to carry small props as you suggest (the Major Arcana of a Tarot deck come to mind).

As for Carl's suggestion, is there a specific attribute of a Moleskine Journal that lends itself to the Cassidy effect, or could he have chosen any small journal?
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Postby Gordon Meyer » 07/20/12 03:20 PM

It could be any journal, but Cassidy justifies the Moleskine in particular.
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Gordon Meyer
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Postby stanh » 06/02/13 04:44 PM

I also like this idea as well as using a notebook as a magic colouring book with the presentation that I don't want people reading all my magic methods/notes.
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