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Postby MitsuMatsu » 06/21/12 09:27 PM

I wonder whether the Ten-ichi poster that is seen in the following URL was manufactured in Japan or some foreign countries while his troupe was traveling in US or Europe.

This poster is still reproduced for sales but no seller could tell where it was originally produced. Because of the similarity of the painting style that applied to those of Thurston and Kellar, Ten-ichi possibly asked some US poster maker to make his own one.

So, my question is what poster manufacturer(s) was most renowned around 1900 in US, and can anyone identify which one produced his original poster?

By the way, you can see an expression H. J. I. M. (likely His Japanese Imperial Majesty) in left lower corner. I once saw a similar expression in some other western magic poster, so, it might be the one that a British magician asked to make.

Thanks in advance.
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Postby Allen Tipton » 07/08/12 08:14 AM

Hello Mitsu
I have just sent you an e mail with another 1905 Ten Ichi poster attached and the name of the Lithographer

Best wishes
Allen san
Allen Tipton
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Postby MitsuMatsu » 07/08/12 10:40 PM

Hello, Allen san

The poster for the Casino de Paris is very famous, but I havent found the lithographers name in it.
I am grateful for your identifying where he made the lithograph and how he behaved abroad. Thanks a lot!

Mitsu Matsu
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