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Postby veegates » 06/05/12 05:58 AM

Greetings, I am still trying to gather any information on Mr. Alain Cabooter. I want to write a short article about him and his contributions to magic. I believe he died in the 1980's and he created an automaton by the name of Ioni. I would like to know whether he was a mechanic/magician. What else he created. Maybe where he was from and how he died. I have not had a great deal of success. I know he had a nephew by the name Jean-Claude. He was an 'antipodist' He juggled dolls on his feet. Any help would be truly appreciated!!!
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Postby Matthew Field » 06/05/12 07:17 AM

From the fabulous Ask Alxander.

Matt Field


Vol. 45

By Bill Larsen, Jr.,Irene Larsen


840 pages

CARC 17505-1_S_19384_45



"IONI" THE FABULOUS AUTOMATON With His Creator ALAIN CABOOTER Care Of: R. Cabooter, Calonnes, lys, 62-350 St. Venant,

for me being | the puppeteering expertise of Frenchman Alain Cabooter and his hfesize doll "loni." "loni" is a

New Tops

Vol. 22

By Neil Foster


710 pages

CARC 24848-1_S_19520_22



real mystery. I0NI, the mechanical wonder, presented by Alain Cabooter of Paris pleased the onlookers as it did when
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Postby BarryF » 09/20/13 03:16 PM

I just wrote my memory of him on this thread.

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