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Postby Jim Riser » 05/21/12 05:25 PM

After seeing a number of take-up reels misidentified on various auction sites, I thought I would create a pdf for collectors and magic history buffs to help identify who might have made a particular reel.

There are certain characteristics which identify Martin, Hammerton, Owen, Reeseman, and Riser models. I have collected a number of images of the outsides and insides of various take-up reels but would like to add more good sharp pictures to the document.

I have one reel that I can not identify the maker of. I'll post a picture later today to see if any of you know the maker.

This pdf will be along the lines of my card trimmer web page which shows a variety of antique and current card cutters.

If you are interested in contributing any good sharp pictures, please email them to me at jriser@jamesriser.com

Jim Riser
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Postby Jim Riser » 05/21/12 08:13 PM

OK, here is a link to the mystery take-up reel. Does anyone know who made it? It does not look like any Martin or Hammerton that I have run across but does appear to be a loose copy of the Hammerton design. Anyone know?

http://jamesriser.com/Magic/TakeUpReels ... Reel-1.jpg

Any help on this project and good pics would be appreciated.

BTW - for those asking, here is the link to the card cutters:

http://jamesriser.com/Magic/CardTrimmer ... rison.html

Thank you.
Jim Riser
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Postby hugmagic » 05/22/12 10:20 PM

I just found your link on the Card cutters. Interesting and a welcomed reference resource. Like the plans for the inexpensive cutter also.

Talked with Chris Reesman today. I sent you an email to try to get the two of you together on this project.

Richard Hughes
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