Controlling A Card To 26th From The Top

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Postby sjrwheeler » 05/10/12 07:47 PM

Hello all,

I'm working on an effect, and i need to be able to control a card to 26th from the top. the strongest method i've found of doing this is Marlo's Incomplete Faro Control.
Alternatively i've used a corner short and riffle forced the 26th spot for the return of a card, but the faro control fits my story better.
However i am wondering if there are any other ways to control a card to 26th from the top?


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Postby Jamie Badman » 05/16/12 12:28 PM

Control to top, run six cards, Out Faro, In Faro. No need for exact cuts.
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Postby sjrwheeler » 05/20/12 04:20 PM

Hi Jamie,

thanks, i like that a lot, i was pleasantly surprised when i tried it and found it worked. Especially since i did very non exact cuts.


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Postby Chas Nigh » 05/21/12 12:10 AM

Harry Riser has a very good method in one of his books. It might be Escomateur.
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Postby Corneilius Jay » 08/31/12 10:48 AM

Check out the chapter on key cards in The Royal Road to Card Magic

"The 26th card"

Hope this helped.
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Postby magicfish » 12/12/12 08:54 PM

Bruce Cervon. Ibidem. Confusion Incomplete.
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Postby Steven Keyl » 12/14/12 06:26 PM

Although it will work for the 26th position as well I've got a technique I call the Delayed Faro Control which allows one to put a selected card in any position with one or two faros. The full explanation is available here: ... o-control/

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