"Eat Me" Credit Update

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Postby Pete McCabe » 05/05/12 02:08 AM

Since Eat Me appeared in the May issue, I have learned of a credit that needs to be included. Adam Rubins M&Magnificent Finish predates much of my trick, particularly the use of equivoque to force a specific color of M&M.

There are important differences, to be sure. Adams is a magical effect, mine is mentalism. And Eat Me is impromptu, which is always nice. Adams routine uses a different equivoque sequence, which is well worth reading. But overall my trick needs to be classified as a direct descendent of Adam's.

M&Magnificent Finish appears in Kostya Kimlats ebook Humid Shenanigans, which you can pick up at Kostyamagic.com. If I had known about it before writing up Eat Me I would certainly have mentioned it, and asked for permission.
Pete McCabe
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Postby magicrobharv » 05/05/12 10:13 AM

As always Pete, your magic with food rocks! I also liked the animal crackers magic you suggested. Looking forward to more of your magic with edible items. I appreciate the crediting so I can look up Kostya Kimlats effect as well.
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