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All of the following items were purchased brand new and are single owner. The condition is like new with original instructions, complete, and includes USPS 1st class shipping (insurance is optional and extra). USA Sales Only.
1. Be Switched (George Hample). Al Cohen product (1984). Two bill transposition effect (sample fake bills included). $5.00
2. Card On The Line from Philadelphia Magic Company. A chosen card is returned to a deck of cards with holes cut in each card. Spectator holds a ribbon while performer riffles end of deck allowing ribbon to enter deck. Ribbon is pulled from deck with the chosen card threaded on the ribbon. Instructions believe this is a Peter Gloviczki idea. $10.00
3. The Impossible Dream by Bill Pryor. A $2.00 bill changes into two $1.00 bills and then into a single $5.00 bill. The included bills are made with REAL USA BILLS. Thus the included currency alone is worth nine dollars. $15.00
4. High Strung from Hampton Ridge Magic Creation. An envelope is placed on the table. Cards are removed from a box and shown to have holes on the edge with a string tied to the hole. Cards returned to box and spectator pulls one of the strings and removed the chosen card tied with string. The chosen card matches the card in envelope. $7.00
5. Tearable by Phil Goldstein (Max Maven) was released in 1979 and is a great well thought out transposition item with 2 cards torn into halves. Briefly a red and a black card are freely shown and removed from a deck. The cards are torn in half and magically transpose themselves. All (including gimmicked cards) is in never used new condition. Ordinary deck of cards NOT included. $12.00
Also, here is CATACLYSM (Armageddon Edition) by Brian Caswell from (Alakazam Magic UK). Great mental card effect in never used condition. $25.00
If interested send email to rtysl@wideopenwest.com.
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