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Postby Guest » 10/07/05 07:18 AM

Hi Everyone,

Talked to my crew last night till 4 in the morning. We have final details on the Nash Reloaded DVD's They WILL ship 2 weeks before Christmas. It will be a 4 Disk set. Here are the disk and sale details:

Disk 1 - Fun Stuff
-New Mental Topper
-Blindfolded ace cut
-Super ace speller
-pinochle pinnacle II
-Ambitious omni revisited
-one step ahead
-invisible palm revisited
-The Mechanic
Performance tips
Interview segments with Nash and Mike
Building an Act - by Nash

Disk 2 - The Card Mechanic
-The Universal Deal
-Title Bout
-Fake Centers
-The Fan Change
-Out of this ... Oh who cares!!!
-Colors On Th March - Revisited
Behind the scenes of Nash Reloaded
How To Manage An Audience - by Nash

Disk 3 - Future classics
-One Handed Ace Cut
-Omni Twist Revisited
-The Switch
-Any Ace Called For
-Four and a Little More
Performance Tips
Blooper Reel
Building Your Character - by Nash

Disk 4
Sleights By Nash
-The Second Deal
-The Nash Multiple Shist
-The bottom deal
-The Center Deal
-The Greek Deal
-Tabled Faro
-Up The Ladder - True False Cut
& several others
Interview Segments with Nash
MP3 Readings from the book
& more

Now, here is the up front scoop.
I am doing the performing and explinations. The Interviews will be with both Martin and myself. Martin will be doing the sections on how to manage your audience, How to build your act, and how to build your character
The sleights section on disk 4 will be him teaching. not me.
The full 4 disk set will retail for $90. If you pre-order, You'll get a special bonus and you'll only pay $60 for the set. The pre-sale starts now and will not last long. I don't want to have a huge list of people like last time (less money for me :D )

These are the straight up facts. there will be no major changes. The only one there will be is that it might be 5 disks instead of four. This will not effect price. If interested, please email me at
I'll put the covers online tonight so that you can preview them. Any suggestions or ideas for the disks will be appreciated.

Thanks all,

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