Transposition by Vernon's son

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Postby El Mystico » 04/09/12 11:05 AM

I have a memory of seeing a two card transposition in print, invented by one of Vernon's involved doing a false cut by doing a pass and a cut. Can anyone point me to where it is in print?
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Postby Gary Plants » 04/09/12 02:05 PM

There is one published in Gene Matsura's Lecture Notes in the NEW box set of Revelations. I also remember seeing it in print somewhere else, possibly in Magicana, but I cannot recall exactly where at this time.
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Postby J Bright » 04/09/12 09:09 PM

Hi El Mystico, It is also explained in a set of Charlie Miller lecture notes.
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Postby Alpen » 04/09/12 10:10 PM

Yes, it is published in "A Lecture on Impromptu Magic" by Charlie Miller, and it belongs to Ted.

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Postby AlessandroPangia » 04/10/12 03:36 AM

I believe it was in "A Lecture of Impromptu Magic" by Charlie Miller. By the way does anyone here have information about the remainders of the Verner family? If you do, please pm me.
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Postby El Mystico » 04/10/12 11:20 AM

Thank you! I guess I must have seen it in the Matsura notes.
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