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Postby Christina » 04/04/12 10:19 AM

Hello all

My name is Christina and I stumbled upon your forums through google. I am currently researching Spiritualism (particularly mediums) and mentalism (or mental magic) and was wondering if anyone here would like to answer a few questions on their personal religious beliefs and/or their experiences with spiritualists/mentalists.

If anyone wishes to answer my questions (I have a questionnaire to post) or talk about my research and what I am doing please feel free to post on this thread or email me privately.

Thank you for your time!
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Postby John Wilson » 04/04/12 05:36 PM

I'd be happy to help out in any way I can. Where is the questionnaire located?
John Wilson
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Postby Christina » 04/05/12 01:43 PM

Thankyou, since i cant post a file on here. perhaps i can just give the questions in this post and people can answer them in that way? or send your answers to my email (which should be available for viewing) if you would like to keep your answers private.

Questions in next post!
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Postby Christina » 04/05/12 01:50 PM

This questionnaire is aimed at finding out peoples beliefs and views about psychic abilities as well as their religious backgrounds. I am also looking at the background and start of how magicians or psychics can change your beliefs. Please fill out any or all parts of the questionnaire you feel you can answer openly.

What interests you about mentalism?

How do you pursue your interest in mentalism?

Do you yourself have any skills in these industries? If so what?

Shows and Acts
How do you feel after you have seen a mentalist or medium perform in person?

Why did you attend a show?

Have you participated in any acts or shows? If so what happened?

Did attending and/or participating in a show change the way you feel about magic and/or spirits?

Do you interact with spiritualist or mentalists in any other way? (e.g over the phone, internet or private sessions)

Religious Beliefs
What are your religious beliefs?

Have your religious beliefs changed throughout your life and if so why?

In what way do you believe in psychic ability?

Are you a believer in spirits?

Any other comments about Spiritualism or Mentalism?

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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 04/05/12 02:30 PM

Christina wrote:...I am also looking at magicians or psychics can change your beliefs. ...

That is not ecological.
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