Sale on Arthur Benjamin's SECRETS OF MENTAL MATH course

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Postby Richard Hatch » 04/02/12 10:37 AM

I mentioned this in an early thread on a different topic a few weeks ago, but just saw a TV ad for this special price sale and thought it worth calling attention to again. Arthur Benjamin's SECRETS OF MENTAL MATH 12 lecture course on rapid calculations is on sale for just $9.95 plus shipping of about $5. This is an incredible value and is advertised as a limited time offer. I got the course and Professor Benjamin is not just a great performer, but an excellent teacher. If you are interested in this branch of magic, you might want to check this out. Here's the link to the current offer from The Great Courses:
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Postby Evan Shuster » 04/02/12 10:57 AM

I purchased this, as well, and for $15 I received two well produced DVDs and a 161 page course guidebook. He's no Harry Lorayne (although it's nice to see that Harry is acknowledged in the book), but for $15 it's a nice supplement to some of the other math related materials I already have.
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Postby Edward Pungot » 04/02/12 11:22 AM

If you open an acct with The Great Courses you will have access to some free material, one of them being an excerpt from this course (which I have linked below).

The Great Courses also comes in other formats. I have plenty of courses on MP3 and they are great during magic sessions when acquiring proficiency in a rote sleight or routine may become tedious to the brain. I find having the brain have something else to munch on pleases its need for further stimulation other than the magical minutiae we magicians often enslave it to. Of course, classical music works just as well, but I think the brain likes to show off its stuff as The Secrets of Mental Math will happily teach you.
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