WTB: John Ramsay books by Andrew Galloway

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Postby DAH » 03/31/12 11:01 AM

I see that various places have Ramsay Legend for sale online but I'd also be interested in the Ramsay Classics and Ramsay Finale.


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Postby jim b. » 03/31/12 03:04 PM


I have all three books for sale. the Ramsay Ledgend is a comb bound edition. the other two are hard bound. all are in used condition, but not beat up.

I will sell them as a package for $175 plus shipping

let me know if you are interested

jim blashek
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jim b.
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Postby DAH » 04/04/12 08:36 PM

Thanks for the offer but I think I've found two of the books online. I'm not sure about the Ramsay legend though as it seems the revised one is much better.


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Postby JordanB » 04/04/12 09:13 PM

That is a good deal!

I lucked into a good deal on my set as well which includes the comb bound "Legend" and it is one of my best purchases.
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