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Postby sjrwheeler » 03/24/12 02:55 PM


I'm a big fan of Elmsleys work, and my favorite books on magic are the wonderful Collected Works of Alex Elmsley by Stephan Minch.

Anyway, i always knew he went to Cambridge University, but i didn't know anything about Cambridge until i met my girlfriend who studied at Kings College. I didn't even know Cambridge had colleges!
I became curious as to which college Elmsley studied at.
Searching for "Alex Elmsley College" returned nothing. so i searched for "Alex Elmsley Kings College" which was a good guess.

I found kings annual report from 2009 which contains an obituary for Elmsley, which i found to be an interesting read.

I thought i would share with you since i think many other people would be interested to read this. So please see the web address below

its about half way through the pdf. so just click control and f and then type in elmsley and click enter. It begins on page 124.

it also contains the obituary of Christopher Bishop who "shared digs" with Elmsley.

many thanks,

Sam ... t-2009.pdf
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Postby Joe Pecore » 03/24/12 03:04 PM

Great find (added to MagicPedia)!
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Postby Lisa Cousins » 03/24/12 03:29 PM

Very interesting - although the description of Elmsley possessing an "amiable though slightly detached face" brought a bizarre picture to my mind that was probably not what the author intended.
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Postby sjrwheeler » 03/24/12 06:53 PM

haha, good point Lisa.

thanks Joe, good to know i've helped contribute in some small way.
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