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Postby Okito » 03/24/12 07:43 AM

I received the following email from David Bull a short time ago:

It is my sad obligation to inform you that Cesareo Pelaez passed away peacefully at 3:00 a.m. on March 24, after a long battle with congestive heart failure.
The schedule of funeral arrangements to take place in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA, will be forthcoming.
David Bull
Le Grand David Magic Company

We have lost a true treasure.
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Postby Andrew Pinard » 03/24/12 10:03 AM

One of my favorite theatrical moments was Cesareo performing the floating table. His timing, warmth, gentle comedy and pathos brought chills to my spine (and still do in the recollection). His generosity and deep passion are legendary and will be carried by all who have ever been touched by him.

He will be missed.

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Andrew Pinard
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Postby lesliebartlett » 03/26/12 04:39 PM

My friend, mentor, godfather to Seth the Sensational...

"Marco's Escape from The Stocks." Always in every illusion and every moment on stage, he extended the hello - the beginning, and the goodbye - the exit. Always loving attention to the transitions. And so finally at the end, a quiet 'Adios,' to us all.
Marco at the Stocks
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Postby Wolfgang » 03/27/12 05:45 PM

What a great guy and magician!
This year is hard for magic.
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