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Postby Terry Owens » 03/20/12 06:43 AM

The A.H.Stoner Ring 221 is proud to announce that Norm Barnhart will be with us Sunday, March 25th at 4:00 PM at Stoner's Fun Store, 712 S Harrison St, Fort Wayne, IN. The price is just $10. If you wish to attend please drop me an email at

You will enjoy Norm as he shares great material for children's and family entertainers. Here's a little of what he will be covering...

Part One - Cool Close-up for kids, (and adults!)
- Emperor's New Cloth - A fun and funny color change hank
- Teddy Bears - A cute little table to table routine
- A Bill Comedy Bill Switch Routine - My comic routine as it appears in the new bill switch book and published in Genii Magazine.
- Pocket management for strolling magicians and my handling for the Karate Coin
- Trained fleas - 3 fun routines with a "Glorpy"

Part Two - Comedy Stage Magic for Kids
- The World Famous Hot Dog Trick - A funny original opener from my act
- Snowflakes - a comical Miser's Dream effect with snowflakes and a surprise finish.
- Mis-made flag without the bag. vanish three silks and produce a flag or banner with message. Combining a simple Tarbell Effect into a logical and mystifying routine.
- Circus acrobats - A comical Sponge ball routine with a thumb tip
- Spider from Book / Dove from book, anything produced from an ordinary book.
- No Mess egg. This is a little effect I invented that allows one to crack an egg into anything without making a mess. As published in Laughmaker's magazine 19 years ago.
- Routine with no- mess Egg cracked into silk and dove production.
- Welcome to the show trick. - A magical opener dove production that grabs them fast.
- Three card trick - a fast fun card trick kid's love because of the funny productions.
- Harry Balloondini - My original Comedy Needle through Balloon Routine with a surprise finish the broken pieces are picked up and magically restored all with a funny story about Harry!
- Number One Kid Trick! The Birthday Child's photo is magically selected from a hat filled with all-star baseball and football cards - great for parties to make the kid feel like a star!
- Screaming Monkey - a comedy trick with the screaming monkey stuffed critter!
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