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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 03/16/12 09:52 AM

On Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 7 p.m., Midwest Magic is Proud to Present:
Norm Barnhart

Part One - Cool Close-up for kids, (and adults!)
- Emperor's New Cloth - A fun and funny color change hank
- Teddy Bears - A cute little table to table routine
- A Bill Comedy Bill Switch Routine - My comic routine as it appears in the new bill switch book and published in Genii Magazine.
- Pocket management for strolling magicians and my handling for the Karate Coin
- Trained fleas - 3 fun routines with a "Glorpy"

Part Two - Comedy Stage Magic for Kids
- The World Famous Hot Dog Trick - A funny original opener from my act
- Snowflakes - a comical Miser's Dream effect with snowflakes and a surprise finish.
- Mis-made flag without the bag. vanish three silks and produce a flag or banner with message. Combining a simple Tarbell Effect into a logical and mystifying routine.
- Circus acrobats - A comical Sponge ball routine with a thumb tip
- Spider from Book / Dove from book, anything produced from an ordinary book.
- No Mess egg. This is a little effect I invented that allows one to crack an egg into anything without making a mess. As published in Laughmaker's magazine 19 years ago.
- Routine with no- mess Egg cracked into silk and dove production.
- Welcome to the show trick. - A magical opener dove production that grabs them fast.
- Three card trick - a fast fun card trick kid's love because of the funny productions.
- Harry Balloondini - My original Comedy Needle through Balloon Routine with a surprise finish the broken pieces are picked up and magically restored all with a funny story about Harry!
- Number One Kid Trick! The Birthday Child's photo is magically selected from a hat filled with all-star baseball and football cards - great for parties to make the kid feel like a star!
- Screaming Monkey - a comedy trick with the screaming monkey stuffed critter!

Brief Lecture Review here: ... Post262957

Tickets are $20 and seating in order of reservation, so call today!
Midwest Magic
9706 Franklin Av.
Franklin Park, IL 60131

Coming soon--Nathan Kranzo, David Stone, Rafael Benatar, and more!
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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 03/19/12 09:31 AM

Remember it's THIS Wednesday! Call or stop in to reserve your spot today!
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Postby Paul Amerson » 03/19/12 02:21 PM

Last week, Norm Barnhart lectured in San Antonio. What a great experience! I usually figure if I get one new idea, the lecture is worthwhile. In this lecture, I learned enough new, practical, easy to perform effects that I could honestly build a new act. In addition to his tips on how to improve your performance, Norm teaches stuff that family show performers will use immediately. His lecture notes were free! Unlike many lectures, this was not a dealer show. He did have a few of the items he showed, but most of what he performed uses stuff we already own or stuff that is easy to get at a variety store. If Norm comes into your area, go see him! If you book for conventions, this guy is a terrific act. He also did a silent act for us in a character influenced by Charlie Chaplin or Red Skelton. Some of our members commented that this part of the lecture was worth attending just for this.
Paul Amerson
Paul Amerson
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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 03/20/12 08:59 AM

Thanks Paul. Sounds like a lecture you do not want to miss! Remember the lecture is tomorrow night! Reserve your spot today!!
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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 03/21/12 09:15 AM

See you tonight!
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Postby Curtis Kam » 03/21/12 06:14 PM

Norm Rocks. Go if you can, you will not be disappointed. Nor unamused. Neither will you be uninspired nor unimpressed. Which is not to say that you won't find yourself nonplussed. And that's about as "negative" a review as I can give.
Curtis Kam
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