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Postby Modern Maximus » 03/05/12 07:01 PM

Hello, I am curious to know if anyone might have any inside info on the upcoming Neal Scryer and Friends book. Specifically if it's prime stuff or filler, mentalism or "psychic", if it has a decent amount of what I call real mentalism (no TT's or similar gimmicks etc., but more logic, equivoque, memory etc.)

Thanks in advance!
Modern Maximus
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Postby Modern Maximus » 03/05/12 08:34 PM

Oops, I should have said NW instead of TT (both being gimmicks though, but TT is of course is not as common in mentalism as the NW). Sigh, it's been a long day! Still, I am curious about the content of the book! Thanks!
Modern Maximus
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Postby Gregory Edmonds » 05/08/12 08:10 PM

I have one modest contribution related to marketing for the professional mentalist (the last item in the book). Having just now perused the tome for the first time, I can honestly say it contains a little of all you describe. If you're serious about mentalism, readings or things psychic in general from a performing perspective, and especially if you liked Neal's earlier works, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Like the previous books, I understand this one is going quickly. So, if nothing else, you might purchase it now then sell it for a higher price later on, if the performance of the previous works in the series is any indication.
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