Final Curtain: Barbara Hudson- Blackstone, Sr. Assistant.

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Postby Diego » 03/01/12 01:24 AM

I have to share the sad news that "Barbara Hudson", (aka Barbara Katicich) died on Jan. 30th. Her ashes were scattered in San Franciso Bay 2 days ago.

She worked as an assistant to Harry Blackstone, Sr. near the end of his career, among her duties was bringing onstage The Floating Light Bulb, to Mr. Blackstone.

She was among those featured in a Genii article, "Blackstone Assistants Reunite".
She was introduced at The 2005 Magic Collectors Weekend in Las Vegas, and enjoyed sharing her memories with others at that convention and to others in her last years.

She was real show people and will be missed.
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 03/01/12 02:34 AM

Our condolences to her family. Below is a link to her autobiography site. There is a small gallery of photos of her during her work with Blackstone. As you will see, she was one of the "mostly."
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Postby Jim Riser » 03/02/12 07:02 PM

Diego and Dustin, thanks for sharing the news and link. This is further proof that if you want to talk with an interesting person, seek out an elderly woman. There is nothing new about "liberated women".
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Postby mai-ling » 03/03/12 12:51 AM

My condolences to her family.
Although I have never met her,
The Blackstone family is getting smaller
of each decade that worked with Papa Blackstone.
you will remember my name
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Postby Kevin Connolly » 03/13/12 06:48 AM

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Postby Diego » 03/13/12 11:53 AM

It was very nice of Daily Variety to run this notice. When I first contacted them, I had to educate the editor of the the importance of who Blackstone, Sr. was, and the place his show had in his era, and then they graciously agreed.
It will later appear in a hard copy edition in the next few days.
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Postby JamesHamilton » 03/13/12 05:09 PM

My sincerest condolences to Barbara's family. I met her several years ago and enjoyed chatting with her about the Blackstone show. We spent an evening at my home watching Blackstone films and listening to her reminisce about the show.

When I was the Director of Entertainment at the Mansions Hotel here in S. F., she came for dinner and the show as Harry Jr's guest. I have a wonderful picture of Barbara, Moi-Yo, their daughters, Gay and myself after Harry's show in San Jose.

Aloha, Barbara
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