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Postby sjrwheeler » 02/28/12 06:36 PM

Hello everyone,

I'm relatively new here, and also a new member to Genii having subscribed Sunday just gone, so far I'm thoroughly enjoying reading some of the very early editions on Ask Alexander!
I've downloaded the recent editions onto my ipad but not looked at them yet. I must say that i really think the subscription cost is a bargain!


i'm looking for a little advice with this effect by Bryn Reynolds. Does anyone know it?
I've had it for a while, but only started trying it out recently, i've been finding that people are immediately jumping on an incorrect method, and telling me that its obvious how i did it...
I'm not sure if i'm allowed to post incorrect methods or not, but the audience have been telling me that its obvious, that since there are so few cards i've just memorised whats on the back of each card (which i have not) and even if i had it wouldn't help me achieve the effect.
So I've obviously come to the conclusion that i'm presenting it badly.
does anyone have any advice for me as to how i could go about counteracting this assumption?
i'm of the opinion that if i have to explain why i couldn't have done the trick in a particular way in order for it to be appreciated then i'm not doing a very good job.

any advice would be welcome,


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Postby Richard Kaufman » 02/28/12 07:54 PM

Sam, no problem posting methods here. We'll all try to be of help. I am not familair with the effect you mention, however you can forestall that sort of reaction by verbally eliminating it yourself in your patter. Presentation is the key.
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Postby erdnasephile » 02/29/12 07:10 PM

Here is the effect: ... -5528.html

Richard Osterlind does a nice job with it on that bonus DVD that L and L was giving out a while ago. Sam, you might check out that performance as a starting point for your personal presentaiton.

Another thing I'd point out: it turns out that Bryn is a member of the armed forces who is serving overseas--it was my pleasure to purchase directly from him and offer my thanks.
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Postby sjrwheeler » 03/01/12 06:39 PM

Hello Richard,

thanks for your quick reply. I agree with what you say, but I'm having trouble doing that. I can't tell them that i haven't memorised the cards, i need to be more subtle than that, but i'm struggling to think of any other words to forestall the reaction. However its fun trying to figure that out.

Hi erdnasephile,
thanks for your response. I've watched Richards performance (in the dvd demo), and agree that his performance of this effect is great. However i don't see him taking any precautions that would eliminate the responses i'm having, perhaps thats because he is doing such a good job of being subtle.
May i ask you whether or not you perform the effect? do you enjoy it?


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Postby Roger M. » 03/01/12 09:16 PM

Although I believe Richard's answer contains the seeds of your victory, I would also have to ask why your specs are challenging you?

Broadly speaking, friends and family can be told bluntly that this is an entertainment, and if they challenge you, it will be the last trick they see performed.

In public however, you may want to examine just who you're performing for, and why it is they think it's appropriate to challenge you.

Richards notes above are designed to remove the "will" to challenge, although the fact that they even think it's appropriate to challenge is where you might do best to start looking.
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