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Postby Jonathan Pendragon » 02/27/12 08:16 PM

March 26 - April 1
A great week already, this will be Tom's first appearance at the Magic Castle in ten years. He hopes to do Benson Burner. I have seen it live. The end is thrilling, but the real art is the eye-hand misdirection theory that he has done several articles on in Genii. Tom is staying with West and me at our place near the Magic Castle. We are considering an all day workshop at our home, to be taught by Tom and myself, if there is enough interest.
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Postby Donal Chayce » 02/27/12 08:59 PM

I am so excited! I've never seen Tom perform, live or otherwise, but I'm a big fan of his writing and thinking.

Jonathan, count me in vis-a-vis the all-day workshop should it actually come to fruition.
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Postby Joe Naud » 02/27/12 09:02 PM

I would be interested as well.
Thanks, Joe
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 02/27/12 10:21 PM

Those of you not in the western half of the US who want to see Tom Stone and much more can do so at the Genii convention in October. Tom will performing close-up, stage, and lecturing.
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Postby Jonathan Pendragon » 02/27/12 11:27 PM

Richard, thank you for booking Tom, he is a thinker and magic needs thoughtful performers.
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