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Postby bevbevvybev » 02/23/12 03:29 PM

The audiobooks of my ebooks on Palmistry, Graphology and Cartomancy are now available as free downloads from my site. Think of it as a kind of try before you buy kind of thing.

Without the ebooks and flash cards there's a limited amount of use you can get out of them, but I'm hoping they prove valuable to anyone thinking of getting into readings who may be sitting on the fence. Who knows, stick one of these audiobooks on your headphones or in the car, and you might find a new hobby, or even a new money spinner.


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Postby Timothy Hyde » 03/02/12 10:32 PM

Excellent idea Bev.
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Postby bevbevvybev » 03/15/12 01:04 PM

Thanks! Glad you like it :)
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Postby handwriting0 » 10/08/12 07:58 AM

Graphology is commonly used to look into an individual's personality. Each handwriting trait is analyzed and a personality profile is created that describes how the person thinks and acts, the way they handle relationships, their strong points and weak ones, their best career choices, and a host of other characteristics. The handwriting samples of two or more people can be compared to see how they might get along as marital partners, co-workers, etc.

Similarly to personnel selection, the more handwriting samples or the bigger a particular handwriting sample, the more personality detail can be exacted from the handwriting. Both text and signature should always be analyzed for personality profiles, as they reflect different information about the writer.
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