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Postby smokemist » 03/10/06 03:11 AM

any leads as to where I can find white bordered poker size cards that aren't bicycle, aviator, or the norm? I would like to find something with a more colorful back design, not plastic coated, in poker size, with a white border.

I have searched the web for 2 days with no luck..
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Postby Brian Rasmussen » 03/10/06 07:53 AM

What about Tally-Ho cards? The Fan backs are a bit more detailed but there are also the circle backs. I wouldn't think they are too hard to find at most places or the web. I visit a local game store that sells them. While not my preference, and most not having white border as you specify, the Viper and Ghost decks etc. by Ellusionist may be the odd cards that would fit your request. I've also seen many different colored backs, but they are Bicycles, at my Target store.
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Postby Guest » 03/10/06 08:51 AM

Squeezers, Maverick, Boardered bees.

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