The Mighty Cheese

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Postby Joe Mckay » 02/14/12 01:58 PM

This clip from Penn And Teller is fun. It explains one of the most ingenious secrets in magic...

Joe Mckay
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Postby Jim Riser » 02/14/12 03:29 PM

Joe, that is a beautiful cheese! The originals had a cross type of flywheel that ran in plain bearings. The motivator was a modified bicycle type of affair. Jim Conley had one of the early models. He never wanted to talk about it though. Anyone know why? Was someone hurt? I believe the cheese was sometimes combined with a gimmicked hoist. I have always liked the idea of the apparatus and toyed around with building myself one years ago but never had the equipment to make the cheese body the way I wanted it. Now that I have the equipment/skill to make one, the project is not as attractive. Thanks for posting this.
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