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Postby timbrown » 09/02/05 07:32 AM

Is there a good reference book or publication with clear directions for folding a a Troublewit? A cursory search of the internet hasn't resulted in much although I did find directions for "Troublewit-like" items that were interesting . I would really like to learn how to fold a Troublewit (like the one that I purchased from Magic Inc. years ago) and would greatly appreciate any advice.


Tim Brown
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Postby Guest » 09/02/05 09:34 AM

I have the intructions as a Word file.

Can't remember where I found them, though.

I could e-mail them to you.


Postby Guest » 09/02/05 01:54 PM

Having e-mailed it to two people, I Googled for Troublewit.

If anybody else wants it, here's where to look -


Postby Ryan Matney » 09/02/05 03:43 PM

Magic Inc. still has troublewits for sale. They are the colored ones judging from the website.
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Postby Pete Biro » 09/02/05 04:24 PM

Dave... I don't think that instruction is for a troublewit... it is a nice scuplpture but doesn't look like a Twit...
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Pete Biro
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Postby timbrown » 09/02/05 05:20 PM

Thanks Dave for the instructions. As Pete said they aren't for the Troublewit (at least not like the one that I bought from Magic Inc.). I "reverse engineered" the one that I have and pretty much figured out how to do it although my paper isn't quite the right size or texture and my proportions are a little off. It isn't too difficult on an origami scale but it takes a little time to do it correctly.
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Postby Paul Green » 09/02/05 10:10 PM

The Frank Herman book is just great. I consider it the "dictionary" for Troublewit users.

Check: ... Troublewit

Or Google Search: Frank Herman, Troublewit

Enjoy the search,

Paul Green
Paul Green
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Postby Guest » 09/03/05 01:34 AM

Originally posted by Pete Biro:
Dave... I don't think that instruction is for a troublewit
Oops. Sorry 'bout that.

I came across that web page years ago when researching some Origami-based effect, and saved it 'cos "it might come in useful some time". I had no idea what a Troublewit was, nor what one did with it. And when the question was asked here, I remembered the name and dug out the file.

I must find out what a Troublewit really is.


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