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Postby Q. Kumber » 02/08/12 08:56 AM

Going through my library I occasionally pull down a book I haven't read for a while, or perhaps not even read properly in the first place.

Last night I was reading one such book and came across the following from the 1930's:

"This is a marvelous piece of card work - the greatest piece of card artistry, as relates to the setting-up of poker hands, in the whole range of card magic. While it has all the brilliancy of a gambler's super-feat, it is not a gambling artifice at all, but a feat of magic ... a card trick. The performer, therefore, not only gets credit for an amazing ability to control cards at the gaming table but also for mystery equal to any of the card classics. And it has a knockout finish."

So here's the question: Who wrote that and to what was he referring? The answer surprised me and I was reading it at the time!!!
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Postby mrgoat » 02/08/12 09:24 AM

is it the one where you deal 3 rows of 7 cards?
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Postby Steven Keyl » 02/08/12 10:43 AM

I love that trick! You gotta show it to me sometime. As for the original question I was going to guess Rusduck but since the answer is surprising, I'll go with Criss Angel referring to some type of poker-based levitation effect.
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