Shari Lewis

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Postby Bill Mullins » 01/12/12 05:02 PM

An interesting article about Shari Lewis in the Paris Review. Read the comments as well -- Shari's daughter Mallory is involved.

While posting about the article, Mark Evanier said
A number of articles about Phyllis Dillers retirement have rightly argued for her importance as a woman who broke down barriers for others of her gender, succeeding in comedy when it was so overwhelmingly a mans world. Not taking anything away from Ms. Diller but I would also argue for Ms. Lewis. In 1960 when she did it, how many other women had starred in a network TV show with their name in the title? Okay, we can name a few. But how many of them didnt play a ditzy character who kept getting into trouble and needed a man to help bail them out? How many of them succeeded without ridiculing their own looks? How many of them even had an identity not as somebodys wife? And Shari wasnt just the star of her 1960 show. Playing Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse, Hush Puppy and the occasional other role, she was most of the cast.

She was a remarkable ladyand one deserving of wider recognition for what she did. Nice to see her getting a little.

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Postby mai-ling » 01/12/12 08:02 PM

I love lambchop!

My father told me stories of meeting her father.
And I do have somewhere, have her magic book.
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