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Postby Guest » 11/10/06 04:48 AM

Hi, i need to know if the book: Don't Blink by James Swain has more than an edition.
And if this book is in spiral editon only or if is in this tipe of editon to: ... 0049480368

Thank you.

Postby Guest » 11/10/06 05:56 AM

I believe there was only one edition of DON'T BLINK and I believe it was comb bound in plastic, not spiral bound in wire.

Postby Guest » 11/10/06 08:16 AM

My copy of Don't Blink is bound with a black plastic spiral in the same way than for example Overlap, The Joyal Index or Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle.


Postby Guest » 11/10/06 09:37 AM

My copy of "Don't Blink" has a black spiral or coil binding, not a comb binding, although it does seem to be made of plastic or maybe plastic-coated wire. The Braue False Deals book in the link above has a comb binding.

Definition of comb binding:


Postby Guest » 11/10/06 04:11 PM

yes this is to demostrate to a e-bay seller the copy he sale me is a copy, because hi say is original and the original edition and the only edition i know is in plastic spiral.
Can you give me the ok for this oppinion?
Thank you.

Postby Guest » 11/11/06 02:06 PM

Marsel, I just checked a used copy of DON'T BLINK in our inventory and it has a black plastic comb binding like the one shown in the BRAUE ON FALSE DEALS book in your link. The copy we have was purchased by the previous owner in April of 1997 and I'm sure it came from a reliable source. So I don't think you can use that fact alone to make your case that your copy is not authorized. It is possible the book went through more than one printing, with different bindings. My vague recollection is that at one point Magic City had the rights and/or remaining copies, perhaps they introduced the variant binding if they printed copies... Jim Swain would likely be the one best able to address this question.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/11/06 03:19 PM

I've sent Jim an e-mail about it.
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Postby Larry Barnowsky » 11/11/06 04:08 PM

My copy is black spiral bound (not comb bound)copyrighted 1992.
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Postby Guest » 11/11/06 04:19 PM

My copy of "Don't Blink - The Magic of James Swain" is spiral bound with a black plastic spiral. The book has a copyright of 1992.

BTW, it is a really wonderful book and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in top quality card magic.

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