Silk and Static Electricity

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Postby brianc2k » 12/26/11 05:19 PM

I have started using a lot of silks in my show. In the summer I usually have no problem. But in the winter, when the air is dry, I have a major build up of static electricity. I set my iron on the lowest setting as I need to get the wrinkles out and fight the static electricity as I try to fold them or roll them up.

Any one have any suggestions? Magic sizing does not seem to help. But I am using it very sparingly as I do not want to soak the silks and iron dry. Any one have any ideas?
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Postby brianc2k » 12/29/11 11:21 AM

Through another forum I found the answer. I share here for others if they are having the same problem.

I used a dryer sheet and rubbed the silks with them. That took out about 90% of the static electricity and made the silks a lot easier to work with.
Brian T. Lees
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Postby Bob Sanders » 02/05/12 12:17 AM

Winter does bring more static problems for silk workers.

Dryer sheets work to some degree but they also increase the fire hazard.

What I use is Static Guard.

There is another piece of information that can really save problems. Spray the MAGICIAN with Static Guard! We are the ones who walk and drag our shoes over the carpet in the green room. Then we go out in a wool suit and slide down a stage curtain that rubs our back and builds up static electricity. There is no wonder that the light silk sticks to our arm. Spraying the magician from head to toe before going out to perform really stops the problem.

You will also notice that silk colors can be a factor. The golds and yellows have more static electricity problems than the others.
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Postby IrishMagicNews » 02/10/12 05:41 AM

Not related to static but a silk tip none the less. I remember Billy McComb talking about getting wrinkles out of silk while on the road. He suggested soaking them and sticking them to the mirror. When they dry they simply fall off.

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Postby Q. Kumber » 02/10/12 06:50 AM

No need to constantly iron your silks. Roll them all together after your show and that will eliminate creases.
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