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Postby rage » 12/05/05 02:46 PM

just curious as to what passes you all like out there. im ready to learn one, but i want to research and find the one i really want to learn. so, im just curious to see what passes you guys use. :genii:
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Postby Jacky Kahan » 12/05/05 04:04 PM

I was fortunate last weekend... Richard Kaufman himself gave me a private lesson on the pass, gave me details on Steve Drauns/Midnight Shift and some subtleties for the classic pass.

I use(d) till now the spread pass... and now the midnight shift....

Richard, again ... THANK YOU !!!!


ps: Richard did the best cleanest pass i've ever witnessed!
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Postby Guest » 12/05/05 04:12 PM

Rage, from a guy who knows a lot of passes my

advice is to get a copy of Richard Kaufman's

Pass DVD. It has at least a dozen passes shown

and explained as well as a few pass tricks. One

pass is not going to be enough. With his DVD

you will get to see a few and choose.....Mike

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