Video of Schrodinger's Coin (Pete McCabe)

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Postby David Acer » 12/12/11 12:27 AM

Learn it in the January, 2012 Magicana:
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Postby Michael Close » 12/15/11 06:41 PM

In the February 2012 issue of M-U-M, I'll publish my kicker, in which the coin ends up in Omar Pasha's pocket.
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Postby Bill Marquardt » 12/16/11 02:54 PM

Hey David, how about creating a book with all the collected Magicana tricks and effects heretofore published and maybe a bonus or two? Even with iGenii it is tough to find something.
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Postby Joe Pecore » 12/16/11 03:25 PM

Share your knowledge on the MagicPedia wiki.
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Postby Bill Marquardt » 12/16/11 06:20 PM

@Joe - thanks. I had forgotten about MagicPedia.

In regards to Shrdinger's Coin, I have always believed that quantum physics and magic had a great deal in common. I am not sure how many of us understood the reference. Nice trick, anyway. The same principle is involved in a somewhat recently marketed effect that instead of relying upon dim lighting uses a semi-transparent cloth to cover coins on a mat.

Ideas abound.
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Postby A1exM » 12/17/11 03:03 PM

Nice video David, thanks for posting this. The effect works well in our dark and damp pubs in England!

Thanks Pete, my presentation involves our Queen being embarrassed about the Euro and not wanting to show her face.......
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