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Postby Smurf » 12/10/11 09:02 PM

[size:11pt]I just picked up several of the "transparent" Hofzinser cards. Aside from using a routine with a force, a "missed" prediction and the correct reveal, can anyone point me to other ideas for using these cards? I don't have any of the Hofzinser books, but if the use of the card is discussed much in them, I can consider getting them. I know they are OOP and not inexpensive.

Do you generally show the transparent image first or the normal face first when using these? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Postby Leonard Hevia » 12/11/11 01:17 AM

Hey John--
Check out the "Hofzinser Hole Card Transposition" on page 226 of The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser. It's a pseudo demonstration of the magician's ability to see through the back of certain cards while the spectator can't. The gaff is switched out via double turnovers that include the two real cards. The routine is fairly simple but looks effective. The Riser book also notes:

One of the few uses of such a "transparent card" in a marketed trick is Richard Himber's "Telestar Card" (rumored to have been created by Persi Diaconis) first advertised in Genii, Vol, 27, No.2, October 1962, p.48. Another clever use of Hofzinser's transparent card by Don England appeared in Gaffed to the Hilt (Jon Racherbaumer, 1985) as "Red Hot Hofzinser," pp.17-20.

Where did you get those cards John? I wouldn't mind having one or two.
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Postby Smurf » 12/11/11 01:25 AM

[size:11pt]I bought my cards from Theory11 since I was doing an order of cards. (pack of 3 for $19.95)

There is a seller on Ebay (Mimesis37) who apparently makes the card (and many other gaffs too) and you can get a single card and even a nice price if the bidding doesn't go up too high.

Thanks for the leads Leo.[/size]
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Postby Philippe Billot » 12/11/11 05:03 AM

In Nouvelle Magie blanche dvoile by J.N. Ponsin, published in 1853, the transparent card was attributed to Mr. Thodore Massy, not to J.N. Hofzinser but if someone has an earlier public source, thanks in advance.
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Postby CardMaker » 12/11/11 07:02 AM

Since I use this card as my Uncle's prediction card, I have made these in Bicycle Vintage 1800 design.
Check out here:
Last but one item.
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