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Postby a.d. » 12/06/11 11:13 PM


I have Ormond McGill's Psychic Magic volumes and wanted to know if it is worth getting his book Real Mental Magic as well?

Also, is it worth buying from Hank Lee as I have heard that a lot of people have issues with the store?
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Postby Scorpio60 » 01/28/12 07:56 AM

If you liked the parts of Psychic Magic Vol. I where McGill discusses methods based on purely psychological or physical properties, rather than outright trickery, then you may enjoy Real Mental Magic as well as that is what is covered in the book. In the final chapter of the book, McGill outlines a fully routined act based on the material covered in the book. I found the book quite interesting, but it's not for everyone.
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Postby Edward » 02/02/12 08:21 PM

Who wrote "Real Mental Magic"?

Thanks for any insights.
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Postby Scorpio60 » 02/03/12 09:22 AM

Real Mental Magic was written by Ormond McGill.
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